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I want to preface this write-up by stating 15°C is a fantastic place to grab a top-notch glass of local wine or pint of frosty goodness engineered by a local brewery. However, this review isn’t about that. This review is to shed a little light on how great 15°C is as a LUNCH destination! First off, did you even know they had real food outside of their delish charcuterie plate? Yeah, neither did we.

In full transparency, yes… the day I discovered they even had a lunch option I was planning on a, more-or-less, liquid lunch. There was a little sampling of cheeses & meats on the agenda… but wine was our intended target. Then I was greeted with the surprising “Will you guys be ordering lunch today?”, my reply “Why yes… yes I will be ordering lunch today”! The menu was a small offering of pretty epic proportions. 7(ish) Salads, another 6-7 Paninis/Sandos/Bocadillos, a few soup options and more. Oh… and their sandwiches come with optional Gluten Free bread (at no additional charge). It was just the right amount of offerings to allow for particular tastes to thrive, but not so many options that it was impossible to choose.

For this particular meal I chose the 15°c Cobb Salad (local organic mixed greens, turkey, bacon, house made pickled egg, avocado, tomato, cucumber and blue cheese) at $14. Now… when I order a $14 salad there are certain expectations that come with it. #1. it must be of the utmost freshness, almost as-if they walked “out back” and plucked the lettuce from their very own garden… #2. it must be sizable. There is NO WAY I should still be hungry when done eating… #3 there must be a certain level of artistry included. Yes, those may be a bit on the picky side… but hey, $14 for a salad in North County (anywhere really) needs to be merited. Bottom line… 15°C check all three boxes, and then some.

15°c Cobb Salad (local organic mixed greens, turkey, bacon, house made pickled egg, avocado, tomato, cucumber and blue cheese)

Bottom line, FANTASTIC!!! It rocked every taste-bud in every way it should have, and then added a little extra pzazz for fun. I’ve had freshly plucked tomatoes from the garden, blue-cheese about as newly-made as you can get, crisp bacon hours off the pig, and California Avocados in that absolutely perfect 10 second window… and I swear all of these items hovered very, very close to that mark. I’m sure they will claim it’s because they source only the best from San Luis Obispo County farmers, ranchers, etc… but I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of witchcraft involved. By the way, that pickled egg was straight-up bomb-diggity. Paired it with a Luli Pinot Noir, for a refreshing and filling luncheon.

IMG_6121The party I dined with had a mix of salads & paninis, washed down with a variety of red wines & draft beers. When it was time to leave, every single person pushed back from the table filled with that perfect combination of satisfaction and delight. (Taking a tiny bit of creative license… I’d even say they had a slight twinkle of euphoria in their eyes.)

Get there a little early during the Summer to grab a spot inside with the A/C. When it starts cooling down in the evenings snatch a prime spot outdoors near the fireplace. Great vibes, the best from local wineries & breweries, delectable foods for full meals or mild gnoshing, and happening smack-dab in the middle of San Luis Obispo County’s foodie revolution!

Find out more about 15°C through their website HERE

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