30lbs in 5 months: Week 1 Recap

Since I just kicked off my “30lbs in 5 months” journey 3 days ago, we’re not really at the end of week 1… but hey, creating new habits is how I’m going to make this work, so let’s recap.

Also, I would LOVE for you to do this with me!!! If you’re using the UA MyFitnessBuddy app, friend me at MBTrav. If you’re using the LoseIt! app, join the “SLOCoLife 30 in 5” group. None of us have to do this alone!

Week-ending Weight: 210.5 (.5 loss)

Here are a few take-aways from the first few days:

Tech Review: So far, I like the LoseIt! app over the UA MyFitnessBuddy app, but they are both so similar I think it would really boil down to personal preference.

Oddly, for the same goal (over the same span of time) the UA app only allows me 1620 calories each day, but LoseIt! allows 2,005. Overall, it’s been surprisingly easy. I don’t eat fast-food or junk very often already, so not a lot of cuts.

The difficult part is alcohol. An evening glass of wine or bloody mary can really wreck a day’s plan quickly. Also, I had no idea tortilla chips were so high in calories (it makes sense, but sucks)! I incorporate them into a lot of my meals & snacks… so that’s a tough learning curve.

Gym Workout: During Heavy Bag HIIT (not a typo… HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training”) at ReVamp, both Thursday & Saturday, I found a new level of ambition & energy in my workout. Not sure if it’s because I have a defined goal now instead of simply “working out”, or I discovered an awesome new pre-workout energy bar (Nut free Gorilla Powerbar from Costco)… but I’m loving it! It’ll be interesting to see if it sustains.

Home Workout: I’ll admit, I didn’t get on my elliptical at all since we launched on Thursday. 2 times this week is my goal.

Sidecar SLO – Gin drink with Jalapeño & Cucumber

Final Thought: My goal with this… let’s call it a project… is to be healthier for my family (and myself) and lose some of this annoying body fat in the process.

Ultimately, I don’t mind making some changes in my life, but what’s the point if we completely cut out things we enjoy and make life worth living?!

That being said, I’m still going to have cocktails with friends (like the delicious Gin drink pictured), sip wine with my love at the end of a long week, indulge in foods I enjoy, and partake in all of the little “treats” that make it all worth while. I’m just going to do it with a little more foresight into how it’ll affect the day’s goals.

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