30lbs in 5months: 2 Month Mark…

Well… as the title says, I’m now 2 months into the “30lbs in 5months” journey. Here’s where I am:


Bottom line: I am currently only 3 pounds lighter than I was when I started. 209 lbs

However, that isn’t an entirely “bad news” statement.

While on a scale I am just a little lighter, visually I’m loving the direction things are going! I’ve even seen people I haven’t bumped into in a while, who have no idea what I’m doing, ask if I’ve been working out or losing weight. 

Working out just 2 days a week (yeah, still haven’t built a routine with the elliptical) has dramatically improved pretty much everything. My arms are WAY stronger, I have a pretty serious set of abs going on (hidden under my stupid fat belly), my legs feel powerful, and… for the first time since I shattered my ankle at 19yrs old… I have a calf muscle on my bad leg!!! I know that last one may not seem big, but it’s a tremendous accomplishment for me. 

Interesting TidBit: about 3 weeks in, I sat down with Lindsay Ashton (owner of ReVamp) for a full body analysis. She did some measurements, pinch my squishy parts with a fun little tool, and worked up some solid arithmetic. Turns out the 1640 calories/day the Lose It! app generically recommended wasn’t what I needed. Lindsay said for my body type/size/activity/etc. I need to eat 2,500 calories each day to keep building muscle and strength. She did side-note it with the disclaimer I may gain a few pounds at first… but it will quickly correct itself. That was roughly 6 weeks ago, and I’ve got to say she was right. I’m not dropping lbs quickly like I thought I would… but I’ve also never felt stronger and more energized! An important thing to note here is how important the percent breakdown of “types” of food are. Carbs are easy calories, but I’m keeping it to 40% of my total intake and balance it with 30% lean protein and 30% essential fats.

To track this really easily, the Lose It! has proven itself a fantastic resource.

I opted to upgrade the account for $40/year, which seems like a pretty decent deal considering everything the app does (and lack of annoying ads) at the premium level. In the image you can see the nutrient break-down from my day. Well worth the upgrade.

To-date, I’ve only found 2 food items that were not already in the bar-code system, and both were super-obscure specialty foods. Other than those few exceptions, using the barcode scanner & picture/scanner tool has been incredible easy. 

It’s nice that the app itself is fast too. Being totally honest, taking the extra time to input every meal and workout routine is a pain in the a$$… but the quickness & easy-to-use food finder has helped make tracking a breeze.

Still strongly recommend the Lose It! app as a food & exercise tracker.

Bottom line, I’m a little bummed the pounds haven’t been falling off as quickly as I had hoped, but super happy with the way I feel and how strong I am. My hope is that the first part of this process was the “building phase”, and now I’ll transition into more of a “fat burning phase”. With my leg feeling better after building up strength in the gym, I have started walking 4(ish) nights a week with a distance of about 3 miles. I’ll keep tracking things as I go and let you know what happens.

Feel free to leave questions/comments/etc below, and buddy up with me through the Lose It! app too if you need inspiration.

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