30lbs in 5months: the Introduction

I think we’ve all had that moment. You’re looking in the mirror, or catch a reflection walking by a store-front, and think “Holy crap… is that really me? That’s what I look like now!?”. Usually, it’s followed closely by something along the lines of “I really should start… (insert thing you’ll never actually do here)”. Then 5 months, 8 months, 1 year later it happens all over again. Well, I’m sick of it. If I had started when I was 40, I’d be a year and 2 weeks into better fitness. If I started right after the holidays I’d be well into my perfect weight-class by now. Yet… here I am. 41yrs old and 211lbs.

This is it. Today is the day I finally put my life & health at the forefront… and make change happen. I’m going to lose 30 pounds over the next 5 months!

As our readers, YOU will help me hold myself accountable, and maybe even take this journey along with me. What do you say? Feel like finally getting into the shape you’ve always wanted to together?

So we can know each other a little better… here’s a bit about me.

Name: Travis F

Age/Height/Weight: 41 / 6ft / 211lbs Married (for 17yrs) with two beautiful teenage girls.

Profession: I own a Social Media Marketing & Website Design company, Rock Harbor Marketing (plug)

Activity Level: In a nutshell, I sit at my desk for 8-10hrs each day, staring at a computer screen. Outside of work, I shattered my ankle in an accident when I was 19. Because of my injury I’m unable to run, jog, swim, bicycle or really do any type of intense cardio-style activity for the purpose of exercising. (I have found that I can use an elliptical without much issue. More on this later).

Based on this info, you can tell I am fairly typical of most people. Middle-age… some injury that makes exercise difficult… family life… professional life. My goal with this project is to prove you don’t need to be a fitness guru or gym-nut to be successful.

Here are the Tools I’ll be using to lose 30lbs

  Gym membership: I found a really incredible place called ReVamp in Morro Bay*. I want to be clear, I’ll NEVER use a regular gym membership. In fact, I had one for a year and went maybe 4 times. The cool thing about ReVamp is its structure. They have small classes (2-10 people) with a very well educated instructor always keeping a watchful eye on form & weight so you don’t hurt yourself.

They do have a crossfit program, but I stick to their class called “Heavy Bag HIIT” (yes, 2 “I’s”, not a typo) which is a short (25-30min) high-intensity circuit of punching, kicking and cardio by instructor Stephanie Watts (she ROCKS!!!). I’ve found very little issue with my ankle in this class, and it’s SUPER therapeutic assaulting a bag of sand for 30 minutes. I also attend their Circuit training from time-to-time as well… which is more medicine balls, pull-ups, sit-ups, box steps, etcetera. A fantastic workout, but I struggle a little more here with the bad foot.

I know you’re thinking… “of course you’ll lose weight working out in a private class”, but I want you to keep in mind that I only attend 2 times a week (occasionally a 3rd time on Saturday). It is more expensive than a regular gym membership, but spending more and using it, opposed to less and never going at all, is well worth it!

Home Gym: About a 2 years I bought of POS Jillian Michaels brand elliptical from Groupon, and now I’m actually going to put it to good use! It creeks and is wobbly, but my goal is to use it 3 times a week (but be happy with at least 2) in between ReVamp sessions.

The Tech: For this project, I’m going to use 2 different apps. 1 that I’ve been using for about a month now** to track what I eat, and another that I just found out about and is supposed to be pretty legit. They are… Under Armour’s My Fitness Pal app (Free) and the Lose It! app (Free). Both track nutrition through a robust list of products & recipes (calories in), exercise (calories out), and sleep. I’m not the most trusting guy when it comes to apps always being right… so I’m using both. If you want to do this along with me, I’d love to be friends on either platform. I’m MBTrav on MyFitnessPal & Travis F on LoseIt!.

More Tech: I also have a pair of Jabra Sport Pulse wireless headphones ($160). I purchased this pair about a year ago(ish) and really haven’t used them for the really cool tech that they are. Okay, they more-or-less became my backup blue-tooth driving headset. (eye roll at myself)

The Sport Pulse has a built in heart-rate monitor to help accurately track your work out intensity & calories burned. If you download the app (highly recommended) it includes coaching tips, spoken alerts when you hit thresholds (time or distance) and more. It also has a built in mic for answering calls or chatting with Siri on the fly.

Okay… That’s pretty much it. Here’s a quick rundown of who I am, what I’m going to accomplish, and the simple tools I’ll use to do it! I’ll post regularly to SLOCoLife.com with updates, status, etc and use our Facebook Page to share daily updates on my progress. I really do hope you’ll do this along with me and turn this into a real movement for a healthier SLO County!!!

Questions, comments, pleads of insanity… leave them in the comments below. First weigh-in will be this Saturday!

* Full disclosure: I have been going to ReVamp training a couple of times each week since early Summer (which is why I can speak so highly to their gym). To-date I have lost 9lbs, but will not include that in my overall weight loss goals. Shoot… if anything, I already lost the “easy weight”. 😉

** I have been tracking my nutritian through Under Armour’s My Fitness Pal since June 28th to see how easy it really was. Results… they almost make it too easy!

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