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SLOCoLife.com writers are an eclectic mix of individuals from around San Luis Obispo County. Some have only lived in the area for a few years, others for their entire life.

From the 40-something married father of 3 living in Paso Robles, to the recent Cal Poly graduate still knee-deep in the downtown SLO bar scene… we strive to bring you real-world reviews from all over the county. Whether it’s a recently opened Burger place on Higuera in San Luis Obispo, or new diving tech we’re field-testing in Morro Bay; we are testing and reviewing the experience of LIFE all around our beautiful California Central Coast!!!

Our promise to you is that we’ll never write about anything we haven’t obtained first-hand knowledge of! No marketing shenanigans on this site… simply a group of regular peeps telling you all about our personal experiences.

Have a suggestion for something we should test out, or somewhere we should go… great, we’d love to hear it? Shoot us an email through the contact form below:


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