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Let’s be honest with each other up front… while I absolutely consider myself to be a devout “foodie”, after visiting several of the SLO County food groups/blogs I’ve come to realize that my taste-pallet may actually scale on the side of normal (gasp!).

Yes, I am very picky when it comes to where I spend my hard earned cash… yes, I find myself walking through the door of oh-so familiar spots time and time again… and yes, I may even slide into ordering pretty close to the same thing every time; but is that bad? Don’t we all do it?

thegrillhut_grillhutpng.duda.lg.crpCase in point: The Grill Hut Morro Bay (I believe it’s specific to MB because they used to be a Bakersfield establishment, not that there’s anything wrong with that)

When searching for a hearty meal along the coast-line, and when our appetite leans a bit more “meat & potato”, we always find ourselves at the Grill Hut. In the last year or so they moved from a tiny corner spot in North Morro Bay, where the BBQ was literally out in front, to where they live now in a much bigger location on Quintana and have quickly become an establishment worthy of recognition in the area. They even won the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Year due to their constant supply of goodwill to local schools & non-profit organizations.

Let’s get to it though… the Food:

The Good | They are incredibly consistent. That may not seem like a compliment on the surface, but if I told you there was a place where you can find a good meal, with nice sized portions, small-town style friendly service, and a very clean place to eat every-single-time… wouldn’t you be at least a little excited? Absolutely, and you should be!

To be fair, my taste for great BBQ may be a little skewed. I’ve eaten BBQ from nearly every state in the Nation… and spent a large chunk of time sculpting my love for scorched meat in Kansas City & Mississippi, so my expectations in the realm of top-tier BBQ is quite high. Does the Grill Hut stand on it’s own against the greats? No. But it without-a-doubt IS Good BBQ. I’ve eaten their: Tri-Tip & Chicken combo (pictured below); Pork Chops; Half-Rack of Ribs; and a number of their breakfast omelettes… and they are all quite good. If you have a vegetarian in your mix, they also do a great job with their stand-alone Baked Potato. Huge serving, baked just right every time!

The Bad | Only a couple of super minor things I’ve noticed after eating here over the span of a few years.

First, I miss how they took chances at their old location. They had a giant chalk board with all of the fun new things they were trying out. Some of that magic seems to have been lost when they moved. It might be too difficult to do now with the extra seating and extended hours… but man that was neat.

Second, they trimmed their pretty decent variety of BBQ sauce offerings down to two. I had fun pairing their mix of sauces (Spicy, sweet/sour, etc.) with the different meats they offer. Wish they would bring back a little variety, but I will say that the 2 they have were my favorites.

Final Thoughts | Absolutely go and try it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. With as subjective as BBQ is, this may be your new favorite jam… or it could simply become your all-around “What the hell are we going to eat where we’ll all be happy” spot.

Do you have opinions about The Grill Hut? We’d love to read them in the comments below.

The Grill Hut MB

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Review: The Grill Hut MB


The Grill Hut MB (BBQ)

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