Breakfast on the Bay: Frankie & Lola’s

It’s morning in Morro Bay, and there’s one foodie question which has inevitably crossed your mind while scouting a place to eat… “Where do the locals go for Breakfast?”. Of course you’ll get varied answers from the hodgepodge of sea-side anglers… but a big breakfast hot-spot for my family, and many of our friends, is Frankie & Lola’s Front Street Cafe. Great food, good service and one helluva view!

Let’s jump in, shall we? When it comes to Breakfast, there are a couple of “Must Haves” on the short list of demands. #1. Good Coffee (I mean, c’mon!), #2. Friendly/Fast service (both is good… but Friendly is preferred if you can only chose 1), and #3 Good/Fresh food. Atmosphere is always good, fun & upbeat conversations buzzing around the room are nice too (especially when nursing a hangover or late-night out)… but those 3 are the real staples.

#1. The Coffee.

Bottom line… it’s good! While I’ll be discussing one specific dining experience for the purpose of this review, I will say with absolute confidence that their coffee is ALWAYS consistently hot, freshly brewed and good. It arrives at your table moments from mumbling something resembling “Caffeine” and continues to maintain a fresh, hot & near-full status throughout your meal. I even took a cup “to-go” on this last trip, and received a piping hot cup no questions or “server-tude”. Yum!

#2. Friendly/Fast Service.

Okay… so this is the only thorn that seems to stick in the side of F&L’s reputation. I will say that while today’s meal was served by both a friendly face with a big smile, and the food was very quickly prepared (they were quite busy though, and that usually helps with speed)… there have been visits when our group felt a little less welcome. While never mean, rude or any variation of pissy, I’d be lying if I said there hasn’t been a time or two when we felt like we were putting the server out by asking for things like extra napkins, a missing utensil or refills. With a 4.5 Tripadvisor rating and a 4 out of 5 on Yelp, there’s no doubt the food is good… and typically the only negative is service. We’ll write this one up as “okay”.

However, that’s almost always brushed aside when the food arrives! Which brings us to…

#3. Good/Fresh Food.

Before we wax poetic about how delicious the food is, I think it’s fair to mention the head Chef & owner Kirk Sowell is a badass. During two separate Sunset Savor the Central Coast (now defunct) chef competitions we saw him narrowly lose to the head Chef from Windows on the Water 7 years ago, then demolish his competition a few years later with a crowd pleasing victory. He’s also active in the Morro Bay community and quite honestly an all-around nice guy! Okay… the food. Today we chose “Frankie’s Favorite”, the Nom-nom Omelette. Cheddar Cheese, Ortega Chili, Crimini Mushrooms & Sausage served with their homemade salsa & iron skillet potatoes. When it lands on the table I swear you can almost hear a little “Ta-Da”.

Every ounce of this hearty omelette tasted about as fresh as it could get. I tend to go a little on the spicier side with my breakfasts so I indulged with a full serving of their homemade salsa… and it was heavenly! To put my love for this meal in terms we can all understand: It’s been about an hour since I ate, I am still completely stuffed, and I’m sitting here craving another bite!

Then there’s the potatoes. To briefly sound like a teenage girl… “OMG!”. There is this magical place on the scale of crispy that is seldom found. It’s somewhere perfectly situated between aaaaaaalmost too hard to eat, but juuuuuust barely past a little squishy on the inside. I don’t know how, but F&L’s nails it every… single… time. Their potatoes are breakfast companion perfection, and I look forward to them every time. Add a little more of that delish salsa and it’s like manna from heaven.

As a (mostly) devout Gluten-Free diner, they have great options for me to choose from… and there is always something yummy for the Vegetarians in my household to chow-down on too (Not always easy during breakfast). Check out their full menu HERE.

Only open for Breakfast & Lunch (6:30a-2:30p), don’t let this one slip by.

Oh… and one more thing.

#4. THAT VIEW!!!

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