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Guh! Buying shoes… seriously, it’s the age-old struggle between comfort and style.  You know the one.





I’ve been searching everywhere this season for a comfy AND cool pair of boots for around town.  It’s cooling down, a little rain here and there… something to wear with jeans.  Loyal readers know that I certainly lean more towards comfort than style, but DARN IT, this time I want both!!  Anyhow check these dope boots out!


I was pretty surprised to see that these boots are made by Clarks of England.  Yea, the shoes your dad wears!! CLARKS!  No way.  I swear, the hipsters slinging Joe at Scout would love these… and you know what, they’d be correct!  The boots are very cool!  Of utmost importance to a tender-foot like me is that they are light, flexible, comfortable, in a nutshell, delightful! No break in, ready to wear, I put them on and wore them out of the store.  This is the info from Clarks’ website regarding the style known as the Clarkdale Bud ($170):

A lace-up boot that matches a rugged profile with innovative comfort tech. Its upper is crafted from full grain leather, and its all leather linings and sock feel great against the feet. A rubber outsole and leather midsole allow it to have both a long-lasting durability and a classic look.

Blah blah blah!  Picked ‘em up at Takkens Shoes and Boots in downtown SLO for $170.00.  So happy!  I tried a few different boots on before I settled on these.  They also come in black which was frankly very tempting as well!  Ask for Erik.  Great guy, great store!

I can’t believe I finally bridged the gap between comfort and style, or better said, Clarks of England bridged that gap and I found them at Takkens!  Give ‘em a shot, you won’t regret it!

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Here’s where I found them…

Takkens Shoes & Boots




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