Is The Teva Fuse-Ion The Ultimate Travel Shoe?

Is The Teva Fuse-Ion The Ultimate Travel Shoe?

This was the question that came to my mind when I first slipped on Teva’s new casual water shoe, the Fuse-Ion ($90). At first glance, it looks like a mellow every day shoe, but the Ion-mask waterproof technology and spider rubber outsole turn it into something special. Kinda like if you gave your favorite Sanuk sandals Barry Bond’s steroids.

I’m pondering this question as I pack for a 10 day surf trip to Salina Cruz, Mexico.  These shoes are so impressive, I am honestly thinking I don’t need to pack flip-flops. The Fuse-Ion seems solid enough for everything that I’ll be doing, like boating into surf spots, hiking sandy beaches and rock hopping in search of waves, lounging in the evenings at our palapa and cruising the city streets if we decide to get a little touristy.

Their comfy, fashionable, light and look like they will dry out quick when the get wet. With rain forecasted every single day, and my desire to surf all day long, having comfy and quick drying shoes is mandatory.  I bet these were features the designers were hoping to nail, and as of today, I think they got it right.

We will find out though, cause they will be my #1 shoe on the trip. I decided to throw an old pair of plastic flip-flops in the bag solely for taking showers (cause who really showers in their shoes?).  Well who knows, I might, since I did read another review from someone who claimed he surfed while wearing his Fuse-ions…

UPDATE: Donkey Fish returned… find out how the Fuse-ions performed in the wild by clicking HERE.


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