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Steeped in a fascinating history going all the way back to 1928, the Padre Hotel has all of the fun stories which come with a historic property… but without any of the typical dreary old-building trappings.

(Well, except for the ghost stories scattered across the internet, but we didn’t experience any of those shenanigans.)

In fact, if you didn’t know about the Padre’s historic significance, you would likely think it was only about a decade or so old (if that). The decor is incredibly fresh and modern, with a fun twist of old-school charm. It’s sort of like a love child of the Standard in Downtown LA and the Westin St. Francis in San Fran… with a little old-school Las Vegas vibe tossed in for good measure.

I definitely have to say, my first impression of the Padre was pretty fantastic. The Valet guy was quite nice and a doorman handled our entrance with a smile (BTW you pretty much NEED to valet your car. You can opt for street parking, but they valet in a secure parking structure across the street and it’s very much worth the $10/night fee).

Here are few images of the lobby as we arrived (decorated for Christmas):

It was a quick check-in with a couple of friendly ladies, then up to our Room.

For this trip we stayed in the Corner Pocket Suite… and it was swanky! Right away, you can tell this is a popular Bachelor-party style hangout. There’s defintely a “some sh!t went down in here” vibe. (The sex toy instructions found under a couch cushion plus broken-and-repaired coffee table may have been a slight giveway.) 

Ghosts of bachelors past aside, to say this room was comfortable is an understatement. I could honestly have just stayed hunkered down in here for 3 days and been perfectly happy.

The big pillowy comforter and mattress were heavenly, the cush desk chair was just the right mix of soft on the butt with good posture, stylish and surprisingly comfy couch (looks rigid at glance)… this room had everything I needed to be a happy traveler. Check out a few of the photos from our room below.

The entry-way kitchenette featured an assortment of breakfast teas and coffee, water for sale (which you need for the coffee, their faucet water isn’t great), and local magazines. (mini-fridge in the cabinet space underneath)

Check out this pano of the main room:

Enough about the room. Now let’s talk about…


For our first morning in Bakersfield, we decided to kick off our day with an hour in the hotel gym. It’s a modest little space in the hotel’s basement (don’t google ghosts+Padre+basement) with en elliptical, bike, 2 treadmills and small weight-rack. Flat screen TV & cold water was a nice touch. It did get a bit toasty after a few minutes, and (at 6ft) my head was about an inch from the ceiling while on the elliptical… but overall it was a decent enough space to get in our morning cardio.
After a quick shower back at the room, we popped into the Farmacy Cafe, the Padre’s lobby-level coffee shop. Not sure if it was the bright decor, or giant animals painted watchingly on the ceiling (see a few pictures below), but it was the perfect setting to shake off our morning fog and get ourselves ready for the day ahead.

Sidenote: They have a number of items on the menu we will definitely need to revisit later in the day (Mexican coffee w/ tequilla, Irish coffee w/ Jameson, B52, etc.).

Later in the day…

The Padre’s very own Brimstone (sports bar) was calling our name! We were ready to kick back with more than a few handcrafted spirits, and Brimstone was the perfect place to catch up with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while. 

Drinks and food (a couple of “okay” flatbread pizzas and a really fantastic Bison burger – no bun) were ordered, and the next 4 hours were spent in what I would call one of the perfect hang-out bars in downtown Bako.

The large open windows and high ceilings (also with unique decor) brought in plenty of natural light, the music was pumping (but not too loud), and there were plenty of TVs on-hand to check Football, NBA, College updates & the NHL in a single glance.

The pool-table looked like a fun way to spend an hour or so, but was occupied while we were there.

We started with a few branded drinks off their menu (the Bee’s Knees & a swanky Whiskey Martini), and they were decent enough… but ultimately asked their quasi-hipster bartender in a smedium t-shirt for our “go-to” libations instead.

I was a bit dissapointed when I ordered a “Hendricks & Soda” and they brought me a Hennesy & coke, but the guy seemed a little green so I enjoyed what the universe provided and the conversation continued.

We said our goodbyes and cruised back upstairs to refresh before a night out on the town. Again, you can check out our entire Bakersfield, CA experience by visiting our FULL REVIEW HERE!
It was nice to see our room freshened up when we arrived, along with chocolates and a friendly note.

Normally we bypass this kind of service when we travel (paranoid I suppose), but there wasn’t a “Do Not Disturb” sign to use so we rolled the dice. All was good. 🙂 

Final Word: if you find yourself traveling to Bakersfield for anything from work travel to a pleasure trip, I would absolutely recommend the Padre Hotel!

There are a few little quirks here and there, but what hoetel doesn’t have them? The owners of this property have done a great job creating an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. You could have 3 meals a day, eating at different restaurants (They also have the high-end Belvedere Room)… work out… have great drinks (we didn’t even mention their two other bars Prairie Fire and Prospect, because they were closed during our off-season/mid-week stay)… and kick back in a very comfy room!

Here are a few more pictures from interesting little things we found around the hotel (wallpaper, telephone switchboard, lobby, etc).




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