Phiten Performance Gear: Does it Work? Does it Matter?

You can’t watch an MLB game on TV anymore without noticing all the bling the players wear.  It’s usually the pitcher, but other players are starting to sport some pretty interesting stuff.  I always wondered what they had on, and figured it was a marketing deal of some sort.
Then the other day White Glossy asked me to try out some baseball gear, and I realized it was the same stuff I had seen on TV.  Glossy tossed me some Phiten MLB socks ($20), a necklace ($20) and bracelet ($30).  I read up a bit on the products, became really confused about the “aqua-titanium” technology, and seriously wondered if the stuff really worked.
Right off the bat the necklace and bracelet grew on me, as I thought they looked good, but I really wanted to see if my athletic performance improved.  A few days later a buddy called and asked if I could fill in on his softball team.  I hadn’t played softball in two years…Perfect!  
Now here are where things get interesting.  Decked in all my Phiten stuff, I was playing right-center the first inning.  Subs typically spend the game in the undesirable positions, which I understood, but when I played full-time I usually played shortstop or 3B.  To add to the pain, I kept watching line drive after line drive go to left field.  Zero action for me, which meant zero action testing the Phiten gear.  Then, with 2 outs and the bases loaded, a guy roped a line drive between me and the right fielder. I had gotten a good jump in the ball, and made a diving catch to end the inning!  
The team was so impressed the shortstop (who was the team sponsor) told me to play short stop the rest of the game!  At short I made another diving catch and turned a double play. I also went 2-3 at the plate. So was it the Phiten gear that allowed me to wipe the 2-year-old dust off my glove and have the best softball game of my life?  
I don’t know, and it doesn’t really matter, cause for this middle-aged dude, at my stage in life, it’s all about the little ego strokes and short moments of glory; cause there aren’t many anymore. So the next day, when I got these text messages, you can imagine how good it made me feel:
“Great skills dio!  Thanks!”
“U r still a legend in my mind!”
“Heard u got game.”
They have also asked me to fill in every Wednesday since.
So does it work?  Who knows – and do I care?  Nope.  Although, as I write this review, I’m sitting in the Mexico City Airport on a layover, headed for a 10 day surf trip. The waves are supposed to be amazing, and I want to surf the best I can, all day long. So am I wearing the Phiten gear?   Hell Yeah!!! 

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  1. Sports Necklace

    Are the socks and other products also laced with Titanium?

    • White Glossy

      The other items we reviewed did not… just the necklaces & bracelets. It might be possible that they carry other objects that do.


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