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Since 2000, when my wife & I drove to Cambria on day 1 of our honeymoon, the two of us have had a special place in our heart for Robin’s. It was our very first dining experience as a married couple! When we moved to the Central Coast in 2011 we were excited to be much closer, and make this fantastic farm-to-table style restaurant a frequent destination.

Recently, the two of us had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Cambria, California playing tourist, and absolutely had to make Robin’s one of the highlights of our trip. Here is our experience on the beautiful autumn evening we chose to dine.

For starters… you have a delightful variety of seating options at Robin’s (you really can’t go wrong with any of them!)

Indoor Seating

Covered Patio

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Covered

We arrived a few minutes early (before they opened) to snap pics of the place empty, but these images simply don’t do the atmosphere justice. Robin’s has somehow managed to bottle up the same magicial vibe you get when visiting Disneyland. It’s the perfect mixture of jovial, relaxing, and as comfortable as you can be in a restaurant. The only thing you’ll think about while dining here is how great your company is, and the perfectly delicious food! 

After being greeted by our fantastic waiter, Tony, we kicked off the night by ordering a couple wine flights and the Meze Plate (carrot miso hummus, babaganoush, tzatziki, olives roasted garlic and lavash).

She Ordered (left to right):

“Local Favorites Red Wine Flight”

Tolosa Pinot Noir – Force of Nature Tempranillo – Pessimist by Daou

I Ordered (left to right):

“International Trio Mixed Flight”

Acinum Extra Dry Prosecco – Bollig-Lenhert Reisling – Tenuta di Arceno, Chianti

My stunningly beautiful date this evening!!!

Starting off our dinner with a glass of wine & Meze plate will be our new go-to move when we visit Robins. It was the perfect beginning to our night out.

Tony mentioned the Salmon Bisque is “famous”, so I absolutely had to have a bowl. Now sure if it was the ambiance, the live music, the company, or if it really lived up to it’s hype… but damn that was good soup!!!

Speaking of live music, we were fortunate enough to stop in during Robin’s annual Harvest Jazz Nights in the Garden (an extra $3/person and totally worth it), and heard the beautiful tunes of “Classinova with Brynn Albnese”. Here’s a quick taste…

As if the atmosphere alone wasn’t already perfect, the live music really took our experience to a whole new level. Now the main course…

My lovely date ordered “Robin’s Chow“, described on the menu as: wok-flashed pasta, farmer’s market vegetables, garlic, ginger and soy; with Tofu. (meat options available for the non-vegitarians)

I ordered “Roghan Josh” described on the menu as: north indian lamb curry, yogurt, tomatoes, green beans, almonds, yogurt, cilantro-mint chutney, chapati. (I ordered the Gluten-Free options, so no chapati for me.)

Both meals were absolutely fantastic! Vegetables were so fresh they tasted as if there was a hidden garden out back the chef plucked our ingredients from. Personally, I’m a big fan of exotic foods… and the Roghan Josh absolutely makes it in my all-time top 5 dishes. The Cilantro-mint chutney is to die for!  I will admit, I was a little bummed at the seemingly small size of my plate… but I couldn’t finish it. It was so flavorful and filling, I even had enough left over to take some home.

Robin’s Chow

Roghan Josh

We rounded our meal off with a delightful and light “Sweet Trio” (belgian dark chocolate mousse, lemongrass-ginger creme brûlée & housemaid sorbet). The perfect light ending to a powerhouse meal of dynamic flavors, incredible atmosphere & top-notch friendly service.

We packed up our leftovers (which were very quickly devoured the next day) and made our way back to the car for our short drive back home.

Final note: Considering we’ve been visiting Robin’s restaurant for nearly 2 decades now, it’s safe to say they are in our top 5 favorite dining destinations (our teenage daughters even like it!). We’ve NEVER been dissapointed with a dish. They are consitent and the service is always great. I hope you give them a try, and find little of the same Pines-by-the-Sea nirvana we did. 🙂




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